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Created in 2011, Delta Drone is a leading international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. The group designs and commercialize a range of professional solutions. In addition, it provides support services which represent a complete chain of value.

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The Delta Drone value chain ensures mastery of the entire process of professional operations by drones.

A technological and software engineering expertise office dedicated to drone solutions Logos expertises The group now has two sites for technical expertise and R&D: Pixiel in Nantes, France and ParaZero in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Regulatory service for drone operators Logos expertises The expertise of the Drone Security & Legal (DSL) service in France and the DSL Africa subsidiary in South Africa apply all the regulations of both the French Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) in France and the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) in compliance with the strictest principles for the safety of people and property.
Private security missions and services Logos expertises Through ATM Group Sécurité and its subsidiary Aer’Ness Security Sud, the Group provides a range of services for private security such as surveillance of industrial and other sites, as well as safety and security for major sports and cultural events. This activity responds to the dronification strategy of the security sector, gradually combining traditional means and new technological tools (ISS SPOTTER).
Acquisition of data by licensed pilots Logos expertises All remote pilots are approved by local authorities of Civil Aviation through obtaining an aeronautical theory diploma. They are trained in manual and automatic piloting practices of civil vehicles for professional use. Their qualification includes continuous skill assessments during their assignments as well as specialised sessions by profession and expertise.
Training centers Logos expertises Techni Drone is the leader in France in training to become a professional telepilot of civilian drones. AFM, a subsidiary of the ATM Group, is an accredited training centre for all private security professions.

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