A first €1 million contract signed with Geodis marks the operational launch Countbot inventory solution - Delta Drone cross

A first €1 million contract signed with Geodis marks the operational launch Countbot inventory solution

To remember:

  • Signature of a €1 million contract corresponding to the Countbot systems necessary to carry out operator training and carry out the many commercial missions to come,
  • Opening of the Countbot permanent training center in Civrieux d’Azergues (69) integrating
    a 3,000 m2 warehouse and training of the first operators from the ATM cluster.

After several months of disruptions related to the health crisis, the trade demonstrations, several times postponed or cancelled, have been able to start being scheduled since the beginning of summer 2021. Each time, they aroused a very strong interest from visitors, most of whom were responsible for logistics of industrial and commercial groups with a global dimension.

The success of these first contacts makes it possible to anticipate a schedule loaded with missions to be carried out in the coming months, Geodis and Delta Drone having decided to initially favor the marketing of Countbot in the form of services, to accumulate feedback in front of an entirely new and very innovative system.

This approach also has the advantage of adapting to the industrial constraints arising from the international crisis, at the level of the lead times for the supply of components and therefore the pace of manufacture of the systems.

Finally, it makes it possible to “prowl” the operator training curriculum, the training center gradually being intended to organize specific sessions to train internal staff to future customers buying the Countbot solution.

Specifically, Countbot missions are mainly sold by Geodis teams to end customers. They are then carried out thanks to systems purchased by Geodis from Delta Drone and operated by dedicated Delta Drone teams.

Given the lead times for supply and manufacture, the production cycle is now several months. As a result, the “service delivery” option is a good alternative to use the Countbot solution now, including in the case of first purchase requests and the signing of purchase orders. On the other hand, it is not always possible for applications from distant countries, even though the demand is very international and geographically diversified. For these reasons, it is reasonable to think that a balance between missions and sales will be quickly found in the coming months before a strong predominance of the “sales” activity.

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