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An industrial inspection solution for the ORANGE Group

DELTA DRONE announces the successful completion of its first 100 inspections of wireless-network telecommunications antennas, which were carried out in 2015 on behalf of ORANGE FRANCE. These inspections were performed thanks to the deployment of the DELTA DRONE NETWORK into several regions throughout France.

These operations took place within the framework of a project that began in April 2015, aimed at developing, for telecommunications network providers, a complete inspection solution integrating the acquisition, transfer, storage, processing, and reporting of data.

In France, this service should make it progressively possible to inspect several thousands of antennas located on infrastructures that are difficult to access.

Abroad, this solution is scheduled to be available to many wireless-telecommunications providers or infrastructure managers as of the first few months of this year, in particular, initially in the United States, where the market is potentially enormous.

Concerning this international-scale project, Christian Viguié, CEO of the DELTA DRONE Group, said, “The inspection of telecommunications infrastructures represents a worldwide market of considerable size. Using civilian drones for professional use to do so is an innovative way of servicing companies in this sector. However, the success of such solutions relies heavily on the management of each step in the process in order to ensure the highest level of traceability and compliance with safety rules and regulations. It also depends on the post-acquisition ability to transfer the data for analysis and reporting in a format that is useful to the client. In this regard, Delta Drone’s exclusive Cloud Information System is defining in terms of the connectivity, hosting, and management of the IT systems being implemented. This pioneer concrete example of the creation of a complete value chain in an application sector perfectly illustrates the future reality of the civilian drone market.”

About DELTA DRONE: The Delta Drone Group a renowned player in the field of civilian drone for professional use. It offers a complete service, from data acquisition to data processing through a specifically developed information system, including the supply of professional pilots. These pilots are trained and certified by the Ecole Française du Drone, a subsidiary of the Group.

Delta Drone stock is listed on the Alternext market of Euronext Paris. ISIN code: FR0011522168.

Contact: Jérôme Gacoin
01 75 77 54 65

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