Delta Drone provides you with support at all stages for optimal operation

Although video surveillance and private security services are the foundations of a security and safety management plan, they sometimes prove to be insufficient or unsuited to the particularities of certain sites or contexts, leading to flaws in the protection of goods and people.

To meet these challenges, Delta Drone experts provide you with a complete range of innovative technological solutions, that are supplied on a turnkey basis and implemented with personalized support at every stage.

With different degrees of automation and observation (in height and duration), the ISS SPOTTER® solutions – available in automatic drone, tethered drone and the video surveillance trailer SPOTTER BOT® – can complete your security systems according to your specific needs:

  • Environment of the site or event to be monitored (geography, weather conditions…)
  • Activities involved, nature of risks or threats
  • Integration with existing safety equipment and software solutions.

Your needs in terms of prevention, anticipation, deterrence, intervention, and personnel will be carefully studied by our experts to provide the appropriate response: a solution enabling decision making  and bringing both operational added value and economic optimisation of your overall system.

Aware of the disruptive nature of the technologies integrating professional drones, Delta Drone offers to our clients comprehensive support including regulatory expertise, training of the personnel involved and personalised follow-up in change management.

Choosing Delta Drone to implement innovative technological solutions for security means opting for a professional partner at your side, to shape the security uses of tomorrow.


Regulatory proceedings facilitated by our experts

The use of professional drones is highly regulated at two levels: nationally and at the European level. Delta Drone regulatory department ensures that our systems comply with these obligations and assists our customers with all the administrative procedures required to operate ISS SPOTTER® solutions.

All unmanned aircraft are subject to national aeronautical regulations, under the authority of the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile), which oversees air safety, space regulation and aircraft certification.

Since 2021, national rules have coexisted with European regulations drawn up by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). Fully effective from 1st of January 2026, these regulations determine the obligations to be met by organisations and equipment involved in the flight of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) – of which drones belong. They categorise aircraft operations according to the degree of risk and strengthen operational requirements.

In this context, Delta Drone teams carry out all the regulatory procedures for our customers. Those prior to the operation of ISS SPOTTER® solutions:

  • Registration as an operator, mandatory for any person operating a professional drone
  • Registration of the drone on a dedicated portal, for registration with the DGAC in France

Along with the procedures required for the implementation of the systems, according to their specificity:

  • Need to conduct a territorial and aeronautical risk analysis
    For ISS SPOTTER® automatic system, this complex analysis is carried out to European SORA standards (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) and conditions the operating authorisation by DGAC. Our teams also design the operations manual on behalf of our clients.

    For ISS SPOTTER® tethered drone, this study initiates the necessary steps to obtain the various authorisations (from territorial bodies, prefectures, town halls, etc.).

  • And need to declare aerial filming and obtain specific administrative authorisations (prefectural decree for night flights for example).

Delta Drone expertise is a guarantee that ISS SPOTTER® solutions are operated in full compliance with national and European regulatory requirements.



Expertise and personalised studies of your needs

Prior to the installation of an ISS SPOTTER® solution, a global audit will be carried out by Delta Drone teams in order to identify your needs, based in particular on the inventory and analysis of existing surveillance systems.

In parallel, to prepare for the implementation of the selected ISS SPOTTER® system, an in-depth feasibility study will be carried out by the technical teams and the project manager appointed for the client venue. This study specifically defines the technical and environmental context, and includes the following:

  • a pre-study of the project, to determine the precise context, objectives, and constraints (operational infrastructures, safety & security equipment and system limits)
  • a pre-study of airworthiness on the regulatory side, to anticipate the procedures with the authorities and to define the zones accessible for set-up and flight of the professional drone
  •  a weather study, indicating the availability rate of the system, which takes into account its technical limitations and based on the weather records of the previous twelve months
  • An on-site implementation study, establishing the electro-magnetic disturbances and operational constraints to allow perfect integration of the ISS SPOTTER system into your environment.
    This study will enable to determine the location of the system, the fallback zones and the system’s working methodology (layout of warning devices, scheduled rounds, etc.).


An important part of the preliminary studies carried out by Delta Drone concerns the security and safety of the site. They are the result of various interviews with the operational managers of our clients and of our on-site technical visits carried out by our experts.

The confidentiality of the documents and our exchanges will be preserved by the signature of a confidentiality agreement, for a fully personalised commercial proposal.

A unique 3D immersive customer experience with the automatic ISS SPOTTER® demonstrator



ISS SPOTTER® Automatic drone-in-a-box is an innovative surveillance solution, which operates planned rounds as well as risk assessment on alarm or triggered remotely by a security officer.

To better understand how the ISS SPOTTER® Automatic system works and to concretely perceive its advantages for securing your site, Delta Drone has developed an exclusive demonstrator of the drone in its environment, through  3D representation and visualization of its various functionalities.

This didactic and realistic tool will allow you to literally be at the controls of the system, by simulating the overflight of a representative industrial site.

But what could be more compelling than to appreciate the aerial perspectives of the ISS SPOTTER® Automatic in a familiar environment?

This immersive experience is made possible by the solution’s demonstrator, which allows you to customise the 3D model and integrate your own site directly into the simulator.

The demonstrator then allows you to launch the drone from a software interface identical to that of the ISS SPOTTER®, to visually follow the drone as it flies and also to have a copy of the camera.

Delta Drone’s proposal is to opt for the automatic ISS SPOTTER® solution to complete your site’s security, thanks to this exclusive demonstration: an unparalleled experience, to perceive the numerous functionalities of the system in your own operational context

Demonstration centres in France and Morocco

In addition to discovering the automatic ISS SPOTTER® system on the demonstrator, it is also possible to book a demonstration at one of our sites.

You will be able to really appreciate the sequence of the different phases (take-off, flight, return and landing), but also observe the equipment and functioning of the docking station and appreciate the quality of the drone as well as the ease of use.