The Delta Drone value chain ensures mastery of the entire process of professional operations by drones

Picto Service Reglementaire

Regulatory service for drone operators

The development of civilian drones has evolved rapidly. In 2012, the DGAC set up a regulatory framework to ensure the safe operation of these devices in professional use cases. This framework is updated regularly to take into account feedback and new uses. 
The expertise of Drone Safety & Legal (DSL) combines all the rules enacted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) with the strictest principles in terms of the safety of people and goods.

Picto Acquisition Donnees

Acquisition of data by our licensed pilots

Our remote pilots are approved by the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) through obtaining an aeronautical theory diploma. They are trained in manual and automatic piloting practices of civil vehicles for professional use. Their qualification includes continuous skill assessments during their assignments as well as specialised sessions by profession and expertise.

Each remote pilot has a proficiency statement issued by Delta Drone.


From 1 July 2018, the regulations evolve. Obtaining the drone theory diploma is required to exercise the remote pilot activity for professional civil drones. Our drone training prepare candidates to take the exam provided by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Picto Expertise Sectorielle

Sector expertise and post-processing

Our expert surveyors and geomaticians are involved in the photogrammetric post-processing of data acquisition and 2D images of drones. The 3D models obtained make it possible to carry out topographic plans and to make volumetric comparisons between two dates (exploited volumes), and to carry out volume calculations on stocks of finished products. The files are directly accessible via the DDCIS platform.

Picto Rapports Missions

Assignment reports

Drone acquisitions provide georeferenced images indicating the date and place of acquisition, for repositioning on plans*. The captures are directly accessible via the DDCIS platform.

*RGPD compliant processing may be required.

Secures data

Picto Traçabilite

Traceability/Management of Fleet Regulatory Protocols

Picto Hebergement Donnees

Hosting of data, files, and post-processing reports

Data management

Picto Module Analyse

Module for the analysis, measurement, modelling and 2D and 3D data processing.

Picto Collaborer

Collaborate/Share results

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