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Contract for over 87 M€ secured by the KEAS Group for electronic communications-jamming systems

The KEAS Group, which is one of Delta Drone’s three strategic investments, has just secured a very big contract, valued at over €87M, with the Sagi/Telio company, pursuant to a call for tenders by the Direction de l’Administration Pénitentiaire (DAP – the French National Prison Administration), which is part of the French Justice Department.

This contract, which has a term of approximately 10 years, covers the supply, installation, implementation and maintenance of jamming systems for mobile telecommunications. This concerns all correctional facilities in France (approximately 250).

It reflects a successful alliance of the know-hows of Telio, an international player known for its expertise in landline telephone solutions for prisons, and KEAS, expert in detecting and jamming civilian and military communications.

This contract opens up major possibilities for the European, African and US markets.

As a reminder, in 2016 the KEAS Group secured two contracts pursuant to international calls for tender to equip all the French Navy buildings with transponders, thus becoming the only French W-AIS manufacturer.

Upon finalization of the DAP contract, Jean Angelidis and Jean-Marc Bouthinon, top executives at KEAS, said: “Delta Drone’s investment in our company a few months ago gave us new momentum, which contributed greatly to today’s success. Obtaining this contract and the size of the contract will considerably change the scope of the KEAS Group, particularly in that it provides major opportunities for development, both in France and abroad. In this new context, we are seriously considering finding new sources of financing in order to strengthen our financial structure, including via an IPO. In this respect, Delta Drone’s support will likely be a decisive factor in our success.”

Christian Viguié, CEO of Delta Drone, added: “One of the main reasons behind our decision to invest in KEAS was the quality and reliability of the solutions developed, particularly in the safety & security and industrial inspection sectors. KEAS’ success today more than proves that we made the right choice. Thanks to this new scope, the KEAS Group will be in a position to provide us with its top-level technical skills and contribute to the development of new industry-specific solutions. Several lines of work have already been started, with excellent coordination between our respective sales and technical teams. Finally, from a strictly financial point of view, the value of our investment should increase significantly.”

On the back of this important reference, KEAS and Delta Drone are now looking to work on two complementary areas of development:

  • the marketing of KEAS’ jamming solution abroad by using, in particular, Delta Drone’s subsidiaries;
  • the development of an on-board jamming system for drones, which would address a number of needs in the security field.


About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is a renowned player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It offers a complete service, from data acquisition to data processing through a specifically developed information system, including a supply of professional pilots. Delta Drone is currently present on three continents (Europe, North America, Africa) via subsidiaries.

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