Creation of a new model for the profession of civilian-drone pilots and the acquisition of vast expertise in the field of security and surveillance - Delta Drone cross

Creation of a new model for the profession of civilian-drone pilots and the acquisition of vast expertise in the field of security and surveillance

Delta Drone and the Mare Nostrum Group announce the creation of a joint company called AERNESS, which will recruit and train professional civilian-drone pilots within the legal framework of a temporary work agency. Organized by graduating class, future drone pilots will be recruited as temporary personnel by a dedicated subsidiary, AERNESS INTERIM, before being chosen for training by a structure called AERNESS FORMATION, based on the experience acquired by EFD – Ecole Française du Drone (a Delta Drone subsidiary) and operated in close collaboration with the training division of the new subsidiary, TECHNI DRONE.

These new professional civilian-drone pilots will then be made available to the civilian-drone sector to carry out assignments involving data acquisition by drones throughout the territory, under temporary employment contracts. In the field, these pilots will be mentored and supervised by current members of the Delta Drone Network who have several years’ experience.

The creation of a new, highly innovative business model for the profession of professional civilian-drone pilots is a response to changes in the market. While the number of assignments on offer is rising steeply in France, the development of the activity in such a way as to allow a satisfactory margin of profitability is hindered by the difficulty of having pilots close to the assignment sites who can work in a one-off basis within a legal and flexible framework. Moreover, this new business model has the advantage of being transposable to the many other countries that also have a legal framework for temporary employment.

The concept of “graduating classes of professional drone pilots” also makes it possible to set up a continuing- education process, particularly for specializations based on market needs and individual desire to learn new skills.

The participants in the first AERNESS class have already been selected and their training will begin in the next few weeks.

Created in 2002, Mare Nostrum is an independent group specializing in human resources in the fields of construction, industry and services. The offer first focused on recruitment and temporary employment, and then quickly, via work safety, expanded to regulatory training and job training. The Group employs approximately 2,000 temporary workers per year (as full-time equivalents) via over 60 agencies located throughout France and under 16 different brand names.

Simultaneously, AERNESS will acquire 100% of the capital of Alternative Sécurité, a company specializing in security, fire safety, physical protection and surveillance/guarding (particularly for industrial sites). The plan is to develop AERNESS classes of specialized drone pilots from Alternative Sécurité, so that Alternative Sécurité will be able to offer its clients new business solutions using civilian-drone systems. These new offers will be presented together under the AERNESS SECURITE brand and will highlight the acknowledged legitimacy and expertise of Alternative Sécurité in the field of surveillance and security.

AERNESS is held at 42.5% by Delta Drone, 42.5% by Mare Nostrum and its manager, and 15% by the former shareholders of Alternative Sécurité. The registered office is in Dardilly (69) and the company will be led by Delta Drone. Its center of operations is in Grenoble (38).

Together, the AERNESS companies should generate revenue exceeding €1.5M in 2017, which will be consolidated in the Delta Drone Group’s accounts.

Concerning this very strategic transaction, Christian Viguié, CEO of Delta Drone says, “The increase in referrals and commercial contracts makes it necessary to structure and organize the profession of civilian-drone pilots, considering the need for both proximity and a legal framework for employment, while providing security for the employees as their work in the drone sector will not necessarily be full time. The legal framework for temporary employment meets these needs perfectly and must be managed by professionals such as Mare Nostrum. This transaction also provides us with the opportunity to expand into another sector, i.e., that of security and surveillance, with Alternative Sécurité’s existing clientele as a basis. In response to the many requests from our client in both France and in southern Africa, we will be able to build a range of professional drone solutions thanks to Alternative Sécurité’s acknowledged expertise in the field.”

About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is a renowned player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It offers a complete service, from data acquisition to data processing through a specifically developed information system, including a supply of professional pilots. These pilots are trained and certified by the Ecole Française du Drone, a subsidiary of the Group.

Delta Drone is listed on the Alternext market of Euronext Paris. ISIN code: FR0011522168.

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