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February 2018
- Creation of the subsidiary Delta Drone Côte d'Ivoire, owned 90% by Delta Drone and 10% by the Ivorian company Skytech, operator of civil drones for professional use. The company is based in Abidjan, in the premises of Bureau Veritas, it is intended to serve as a "bridgehead" for activities in West Africa.
May 2018
- Acquisition of the balance of the shares making up the capital of Techni Drone. Delta Drone now owns 100% of the company.
June 2018
- DDrone Invest participates in the second fundraising of Elistair, done with institutional investors. In total, just over €500,000 will have been invested by the group, with a potential added value greater than 100% (based on the valuation used for this second round).
- The ISS division of Delta Drone integrates the Orion wired system (Elistair) into its device to assist with safety during the Ferté-Alais Air Show (91).
July 2018
- Delta Drone finalised the takeover of Pixiel and its subsidiary EMD - Ecole des Métiers du Drone, by becoming the company's largest shareholder (36% stake). Based in Nantes, Pixiel is the designer and manufacturer of a solution for autonomous drones (Neopter) that gained worldwide notoriety by performing an aerial choreography of 30 drones in the theme park Puy du Fou in the Vendée. Pixiel is also developing the Neosafe solution, an autonomous drone solution for surveillance and security. Its subsidiary EMD is one of the leading players in the remote pilot training sector in France.
- Delta Drone receives the Forbes Futur40 award as part of the International Financial Forum of Paris Europlance, highlighting growth champions listed on the Euronext Paris.
September 2018
- Delta Drone's Intelligence Security Systems (ISS) division integrates the Orion wired system (Elistair) into its device to assist with safety during the Bol d'Or motorcycle race.
- The ISS division of Delta Drone integrates the Orion wired system (Elistair) into its device to assist with safety during the Ryder Cup, the 3rd global sporting event (behind the football World Cup and the Olympic Games) which pits the best European and American golfers against each other every two years.
- Creation of AgroFly France, distributor - integrator of a drone spraying solution developed by Swiss engineers in the canton of Valais
October 2018
- Partners for nearly two years in the Aer'Ness cluster, Delta Drone and Mare Nostrum have taken a new step in their partnership by creating a training campus dedicated to “dronables" sectors. This new training tool, the first existing to date, will combine the skills of Mare Nostrum in professional training and those of Delta Drone for the training of drone pilots (French Drone School - EFD, Ecole des Métiers du Drone - EMD and Techni Drone)
November 2018
- Delta Drone participates innovatively in the security of the first Peace Forum in Paris, bringing together more than 70 heads of state and government. On the one hand, 15 security agents belonging to the subsidiary Aer'Ness Security were made available to the organisers in the field, inserted in a vast protection plan for the site and participants. On the other hand, in close collaboration with the Paris Police Prefecture, a wired drone system (the Orion system developed by Elistair) was set up, operated by the Delta Drone ISS division, permanently connected and in real time at the command post, providing an overview and panoramic view of the site from several tens of metres above. The Drone Safety & Legal (DSL) department of Delta Drone planned the project and managed the flight authorisations with the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation) and the subsidiary Aer'Ness Intérim dealt with the security agents' work contracts and those of the drone operators, the project taking place over a holiday period.
February 2017
- Acquisition of 51% of the capital of Techni Drone, the leading company in France in the field of training drone pilots. Techni Drone is also developing a service activity in the quarry sector (previously in direct competition with Delta Drone).
- The scope of intervention for antenna inspection projects on behalf of Orange France is increasing sharply: 600 inspections are now scheduled for 2017.
- Delta Drone is referenced by Eurovia, a subsidiary of Vinci, one of the world's leading players in the construction of transport infrastructure and urban development and one of the leading aggregates producers in Europe, to offer its data collection solutions by drones to 240 Eurovia quarries located in France.
June 2017
- Création de la société Sud-africaine Delta Drone South Africa, destinée à devenir la société faîtière des entités opérationnelles Rocketmine Pty Ltd , Delta Drone Africa (Afrique du Sud) et Rocketmine Ghana. Chris Clark, dirigeant historique de Rocketmine, est nommé General Manager de Delta Drone South Africa.
July 2017
- South African company Delta Drone South Africa is created to become the parent company of Rocketmine Pty Ltd, Delta Drone Africa (South Africa) and Rocketmine Ghana. Chris Clark, historical leader of Rocketmine, is appointed General Manager of Delta Drone South Africa.
September 2017
- Delta Drone and Bureau Veritas sign a partnership framework agreement to jointly develop solutions for precision agriculture in 13 West African countries. The stated objective is to consolidate the Bureau Veritas field data (soil analysis, leaves, roots, etc.) with aerial data acquired by drones from Delta Drone to build a product range for "precision farming".
- Leica Geosystem AG and MTSI (Delta Drone Group) sign a commercial agreement as part of the implementation of iCON Alpine solutions for "3D measurement of snow heights for snow management". In this context, MTSI is entrusted with the task of creating and updating 3D Terrain Digital Terrain Models made from Lidar data and photogrammetric drone surveys. These data will then be integrated into the Leica iCON Alpine systems on snow groomers, allowing for optimised management in real time of the snow conditions of the ski areas. MTSI is also responsible for the sale, installation and maintenance of the systems.
November 2017
- Launch of the 2018 - 2019 plan, which focuses on three main areas: the acceleration of revenue growth, the reduction of operating expenses and the adequacy of financial resources for further development
Feburary 2016
- Delta Drone announces the success of the first 100 inspections of mobile network antennas conducted in 2015 on behalf of Orange France. These operations are part of a project started in April 2015.
- Opening of an office in Boulder, Colorado, USA, through a subsidiary, Delta Drone America, created for the occasion, to manage several projects under discussion at the time. This office was finally closed in 2018 and the subsidiary shut down.
April 2016
- Signature of an agreement between Delta Drone and Geodis to jointly develop an automated inventory solution in warehouses based on the use of drones.
September 2016
- DDrone Invest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Drone, acquires a 17.6% stake in Donecle, a company specialising in the design and marketing of aircraft aeronautical inspection solutions.
- Acquisition of 100% of South Africa's Rocketmine Pty Ltd, based in Johannesburg, specialising in drone services for the mining sector. Leader of the African market, Rocketmine also has a subsidiary in Ghana. The administrative delays inherent in the South African authorities will lead to the definitive effect of the entry of Rocketmine into the Delta Drone group's scope in February 2017.
December 2016
- Creation of Aer'Ness, in partnership with the Mare Nostrum Group, intended on the one hand to create a new economic model for the profession of remote pilots of professional drones, on the other hand to open a new sector of activity within the Delta Drone group, that of surveillance and security. Aer'ness is 42.5% owned by Delta Drone, 27.5% by Mare Nostrum, the remainder by two individuals present in the management team. Aer'Ness controls four operating companies, three of which are wholly owned: Aer'Ness Training (commercial name of the company Ecole Française du Drone, subsidiary of Delta Drone brought to the hub), Aer'Ness Interim and Aer'Ness Security. A fourth subsidiary, Aer'Ness Event, is 65% owned.
- Change of stock exchange following the receipt of the AMF stamp on the financial prospectus, which allows Delta Drone to be now listed on the compartment of publicly traded companies.
- Signature of a third contract of OCABSA (Equity Convertible Bonds with Equity Warrants) with US investment firm Yorkville Advisors, for a potential total amount of €50m.
- Delta drone achieves "innovative enterprise" qualification awarded by BPI for a period of three years
February 2015
- First external growth operation in South Africa, with the acquisition of 50.1% of Cape Minerals Africa, based in Johannesburg. The company will be renamed Delta Drone Africa in June 2015. The balance of the capital will be acquired in December 2017.
March 2015
- Creation of the investment company DDrone Invest, a Delaware corporation based in the state of Delaware.
May 2015
- DDrone Invest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Drone, is taking a 15% stake in Elistair, a company specialising in the design and marketing of wireline drone systems.
- Signature of a second contract of OCABSA (Equity Convertible Bonds with Equity Warrants) with US investment firm Yorkville Advisors, for a potential total amount of €20m.
June 2015
- Acquisition of Droneo, a company operating professional drones based in Tarbes (65). Droneo has since been absorbed by Hydrogeosphere, a subsidiary of Delta Drone.
- Creation of the Delta Drone Network, which brings together 13 independent drone operators in France and provides a first territorial network of local operators. On this occasion, Delta Drone acquired a systematic participation of 5% in the capital of each of the companies of the network to support their development. Delta Drone Network will guarantee for three years projects throughout France, before evolving into a new configuration, depending on the success or failure of certain units to ensure their sustainability.
September 2015
- Joint announcement by Delta Drone, Arvalis Institute and Airbus Defence & Space on the launch of the first pre-operational campaign for Farmstar Expert and combining satellites and drones in the field of large-area agriculture
- Signature of a partnership between Delta Drone and Insavalor, an in-house training organisation of the INSA Lyon School of Engineering, in the areas of training and certification.
November 2015
- Acquisition of 100% of the capital of Fly n’ Sense, a historical company of the civil drone sector in France, based in Mérignac (33). The operation is carried out by contribution in kind of Fly n’ Sense shares for a value of €4,130k. Since May 2016, the company has been named Delta Drone Engineering.
December 2015
- DDrone Invest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Drone, is taking a 20% stake in Zooomez, a company specialising in virtual site tours.
January 2014
- First external growth operation, with the acquisition of MTSI companies (Mining Topographic Survey and Imaging) and Hydrogeosphere, respectively based in Toulouse (31) and Axat (11). The transaction is carried out through an exchange of securities and valuation for the two entities is at €745,000. It allows Delta Drone to acquire a strong business expertise in the fields of topography and hydrology.
February 2014
- Creation of Delta Drone Maroc, a Moroccan company with a capital of MAD 300,000, based in Casablanca.
April 2014
- After the Executive Board approved the parent company financial statements for the financial year 2013 on March 28th, the Supervisory Board ordered an audit before deciding on the validity of the consolidated financial statements. This audit finally enabled the Supervisory Board and the Statutory Auditors to approve the consolidated financial statements on April 30th. On 7 May (after the May 1st holiday), Delta Drone publishes a press release concerning the 2013 consolidated financial statements. This calendar, justified by particular circumstances, was the subject of an investigation by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers), which considered the publication deadline excessive and pronounced in February 2018 a penalty of €100k against the company.
May 2014
- A capital increase is carried out, amounting to €300k
- On May 28th, a decisive governance change for the survival of the company is voted in the General Assembly. The members of the Management Board resign and Delta Drone becomes a company with a Board of Directors. Christian Viguié becomes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and the former members of the Board of Directors are appointed as directors. In the following weeks, the three founding shareholders gradually sold all of their shares.
August 2014
- Upon the change of governance, and after a thorough review of the actual situation of the group, a deep internal reorganisation and a strategic repositioning are decided by the new management. At the social level, these events lead to the implementation of a staff reduction plan for 34 posts (out of 67). This plan was approved by the State services on September 8th.
September 2014
- Investors as natural persons, historical shareholders, agree to subscribe to a capital increase of €2,022k, to finance this very difficult and turbulent period.
December 2014
- Various funds belonging to Nextstage subscribed to a capital increase of €2,500k. It should be noted that Nextstage funds have been present in the capital since the first day of the stock market listing in June 2013.
- To secure its financing, Delta Drone signs a first contract of OCABSA (Equity Convertible Bonds with Equity Warrants) with US investment firm Yorkville Advisors, for a potential total amount of €10m.
April 2013
- Delta Drone simplified its organisation by absorbing three commercial subsidiaries that were created at the end of 2012. This transaction resulted in a capital increase of €510,000.
- Delta Drone, until then a Simplified Joint Stock Company (SAS), changed its governance and became a Limited Company with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board. Frédéric Serre, the main founder who was originally Chairman of the SAS, becomes Chairman of the Management Board. Christian Viguié is appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
June 2013
- Delta Drone finalised a capital increase of €2,950,000 from qualified investors and the company is listed on the Alternext market of Euronext Paris on June 28. The market capitalisation is then €30m.
September 2013
- The merger of the holding company J2E by Delta Drone is completed.
October 2013
- Following an interview with Frédéric Serre on BFM TV, speculation on Delta Drone shares is at its height, and the market capitalisation reached a peak of €147m on 25th October 2013.
November 2013
- Two new capital increases are carried out with qualified investors, for a total amount of €3,868 K
March 2012
- Two successive capital increases, subscribed by private investors, strengthen the capital base by €565,000.
April 2012
- At the Salon of Mountain Management (SAM) held in Grenoble, Delta Drone attracted a large number of visitors and enjoyed its first media coverage for the presentation of the first prototype of its air-vector of VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) type, the Delta H
December 2012
- Delta Drone created the subsidiary Drone Services, whose mission is to organise the establishment of the French Drone School, first training centre exclusively dedicated to the training of drone pilots. In February 2013, the school welcomed its first students. Drone Services changed its name to become the French Drone School (FDS or EFD in French).
February 2011
- Creation of the company J2E, uniting the 3 founders and initiators of the project
- Creation on February 25th in Grenoble (38) of the company Delta Drone by J2E, whose cash contributions of €28,000 constitute the share capital at the date of incorporation
- C2PFrance, for which Christian Viguié is chairman and 33.3% shareholder, subscribes to a first capital increase of Delta Drone for €150,000.
March & july 2011
- Two successive capital increases, subscribed by private investors, strengthen the capital base by €475,000.
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