Delta Drone acquires a strategic interest in the KEAS Group, expert in the field of civilian and military security – electronics & development - Delta Drone cross

Delta Drone acquires a strategic interest in the KEAS Group, expert in the field of civilian and military security – electronics & development

Delta Drone took an approximately 8% stake in the KEAS Group’s parent company pursuant to a reserved capital increase.

KEAS is a group specialized in the design and manufacture of security products located near Grenoble and made up of three industrial companies:

  • LEAS (founded in 1980), a company that designs and manufactures electronic systems, particularly in the areas of scent tracing, communications jamming, identification and encrypted communications in the maritime and aeronautics fields, and seismology.
  • ABCM (founded in 1994), a computer and network engineering company and industrial software developer.
  • EF6 (founded in 1993), a company specialized in electronic wiring and the production of small and medium batches of circuit and system boards. EF6 is also developing expertise in smart plastics, an innovative technology that allows the selective metallization of 3D plastic parts, resulting in the combination in a single subassembly of mechanics, electronics and packaging.

The KEAS Group generates revenue of approximately €5M and has both civilian and military clients. For this reason, the solutions it develops present a very high level of reliability and excellence.

Beyond the capital agreement, Delta Drone plans to rely heavily on KEAS’ skills for i) the manufacture of all the electronic elements embedded in its drone systems, ii) the development of new specialized professional sensors, iii) the updating of embedded systems ensuring the security and tracking of flights.

Concerning this transaction, Jean Angelidis and Jean-Marc Bouthinon, managers of KEAS, stated the following: “The addition of an equity partner like Delta Drone provides us with new development prospects, with its international locations and sector of operations, which concerns technologies requiring several building blocks in which we have expertise, notably electronics. Many solutions that we have successfully marketed worldwide, targeting both civilian and military clients, will be able to be adapted and miniaturized so as to be embedded in the subassemblies of drones developed by Delta Drone, thus resulting in numerous business opportunities. On a financial level, Delta Drone’s investment provides us with the means necessary to confirm and accelerate the development of our current projects.”

Christian Viguié, CEO of Delta Drone, adds, “This new partnership with the KEAS Group is clearly in line with our strategic direction: the creation of value throughout the professional solutions we offer is, in large part, a result of our ability to provide reliable systems. We must offer every guarantee of safety and security for people and property, tracking assignments and confidentiality of the data. In this respect, turning to a company that is an expert in electronics, with over 30 years’ experience and subject to the stringent quality requirements of the military, guarantees excellence. The other essential aspect of the value chain for drone solutions concerns the software and algorithms developed for the building of specific business solutions. Here again, KEAS’ know-how provides certainty for many of our target sectors. Finally, KEAS has shown dynamic growth in its core businesses in both France and abroad. It should contribute to increasing the Delta Drone Group’s reach to include many more large companies and organizations.”


About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is a renowned player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It offers a complete service, from data acquisition to data processing through a specifically developed information system, including a supply of professional pilots. These pilots are trained and certified by EFD, a subsidiary of the Group, and local partners.

Delta Drone is listed on the Alternext market of Euronext Paris.

ISIN code: FR0011522168


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