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Delta Drone ISS & Saint Georges Management create a joint offer for the security sector

Spurred by the success of the assignments carried out on 11 November 2018 for the Paris Peace Forum, Delta Drone ISS and Saint-Georges Management have decided to create a joint offer combining private security and public safety, on the one hand, and traditional methods with new technologies (surveillance drones), on the other hand. This offer is specifically adapted for major events, in particular sporting events, which draw very large crowds and cause many public figures to be in the same space, requiring proven and perfectly coordinated security measures.

In this respect, the Peace Forum, which brought over 70 Heads of State and Government to Paris (cf. press release of 12 November 2018), represented a “test” that confirmed the relevance of the approach:

  • Saint-Georges Management was responsible for the overall organization of the security measures for the event in close collaboration with the Paris Préfecture de Police and the agencies for the protection of officials (GSPR, SDLP). Saint-Georges Management’s assignment was to integrate private security into the general security plan while presenting an overall structure, as well as to select and manage the various private security providers working in conjunction with the law-enforcement agencies.
  • Aer’Ness Security (subsidiary of Delta Drone) provided 15 security officers, under the auspices of Saint-Georges Management, working alongside other security service providers, contributing to the presence of the over 90 security officers necessary for an event of this magnitude.
  • Delta Drone ISS provided the final element for the Paris Préfecture de Police with the installation of a tethered-drone system connected to the Operations Command Center that operated non-stop over several hours, including after dark. Providing an overview of the site by hovering approximately 50 m aboveground, the system contributed precious complementary information in real time on all movement within the perimeter of the event.

In order to properly understand the scope of the joint offer created by Saint-Georges Management and Delta Drone ISS, one must consider that the length of an event alone is nothing compared to the time necessary for its preparation and management.

Several weeks prior to the event date, a real chain of value must be implemented and closely supervised, in several phases, during which there is ongoing dialogue with the authorities.

In this regard, Saint-Georges Management is uniquely positioned and extremely experienced: the company has been Head of Security for many events, including the Viva Technology fair (since 2016), the Women’s Forum (since 2017), the World Gas Convention in 2015 in Paris, as well as the COP21 conference (in 2015). It also participated in security coordination for the inauguration of the Paris-Rennes TGV in 2017, as well as for the centennial ceremonies for the Battle of Verdun in 2016.

At a time when France is preparing to host many major events – almost every year through 2024 (year of the Olympic Games) – Delta Drone felt it must structure a relevant and professional security-services offer.

The Group’s vocation is not to become a player in the field of traditional private security but to progressively “dronify” the field, based on i) the legitimacy and client base of its subsidiary Aer’Ness Security, ii) the specific drone systems (the Orion tethered-drone system developed by Elistair and the Neosafe solution designed by Pixiel) implemented by Delta Drone’s ISS division, and iii) quality partnerships entered into with respected players in the field (Saint-Georges Management).

Finally, it should be recalled that the success of such a strategy is based to a great extent on the quality of the personnel and, in particular, its training. This is why several training programs relevant to the field will soon be made available at the training Campus recently created with the Mare Nostrum group.

The “drone” assignments carried out in the security sector in 2018 (the Ferté-Alais air show, the Bol d’Or motorcycle race, Ryder Cup) have given the Group top-notch references. The Peace Forum was then, as well as a testing opportunity, a place to bring together all of the Group’s know-how. Everything is now in place, as the agreement entered into with Saint-Georges Management is obviously an essential piece of the puzzle and will be a major factor in the Group’s future success.

About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is a renowned international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It offers a complete service, from data acquisition to data processing through a specifically developed information system, including a supply of professional pilots.

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