Delta Drone to participate in the LPB Regional Securities Forum in Lyon on 25 September 2019 - Delta Drone cross

Delta Drone to participate in the LPB Regional Securities Forum in Lyon on 25 September 2019

For the first time ever, the Delta Drone group has agreed to participate in an “investor / issuer” event, i.e., the second LPB Regional Securities Forum that is to take place in Lyon on 25 September 2019. In view of this event, the group has decided to advance the publication date of its 2019 half-year accounts: an official press release will therefore be prepared for 24 September, after market close, and an SFAF information meeting will be held in Lyon in conjunction with the Forum.

This decision is warranted for several reasons:

  • reaching the target of 2019 revenue (excluding adjustments due to consolidation dates) of approximately €20M is looking likely after the first eight months of the financial year;
  • the 2018 – 2019 plan, launched at the end of 2017, is coming to a close and its goals (dynamic activity growth, lower operating expenses, consolidation of funding methods) should be met;
  • the recently announced 2020 – 2021 plan is based on three strategic priorities: revenue of €30M, positive operating margin of 10% and 30% of activity carried out outside France.

The end of 2019 will also bring the start of the marketing, in France and abroad, of two particularly innovative solutions that have been patented and are currently in the manufacturing phase:

  • With respect to security, an automatic-drone solution that will optimize site surveillance, in particular for industrial sites, via pre-programmed rounds and verification assignments. This solution is the result of sharing design and engineering work by Pixiel (Neosafe project) and DPS (3S project). Sales will benefit from the start from four major assets:
    • the credibility and reputation gained by the Delta Drone ISS division over the last year or so with respect to surveillance & security following several major events: the Ferté-Alais Air Show, the Bol d’Or race, the Ryder Cup, the Paris Peace Forum, the Paris-Nice bicycle race, France’s F1 Grand Prix race, Cannes’ Plages Electroniques music festival, etc.;
    • privileged access to the current client portfolio of the group’s private security division made up of Aer’Ness and ATM;
    • the signature of distribution and partnership agreements in process, with several known players in the field of private security;
    • strong involvement of the group’s teams in foreign subsidiaries (Morocco, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ghana) and the progressive building of regional maintenance and customer services. It should be noted that these establishments, because they are nationally based, favor exchanges with the authorities regarding obtaining necessary approvals and authorizations.
  • With respect to warehouse inventories, a solution using a drone, designed to function fully automated and safely, makes it possible to greatly decrease the time spent on inventories and does not require human intervention other than the operator supervising the assignment. This solution is the result of three years of development in close partnership with GEODIS, a top international player in the field of logistics and transport of merchandise. Sales will clearly progressively benefit from GEODIS’ direct presence in 67 countries and its worldwide network covering over 120 countries.

The first positive effects from sales of these two solutions should be noticeable as soon as 2020, with a much more significant impact in 2021, and will contribute greatly to achieving the goals set forth in the 2020 – 2021 plan.

About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is a renowned international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It offers a complete service, from data acquisition to data processing through a specifically developed information system, including a supply of professional pilots. 

Delta Drone is listed on Euronext Growth Paris – ISIN code: FR0011522168

Are also listed on Euronext Growth Paris:

  • 4 166 666 BSA – ISIN code: FR001329977 
  • 68 143 914 BSA J – ISIN code: FR0013400983
  • 33 452 727 BSA Y – ISIN code: FR 0013400991


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