Pixiel now wholly owned

After a few months of close collaboration, which began in July 2018 when Delta Drone acquired 36.9% of Pixiel’s capital, the decision was made to accelerate the timeline for the full integration of Pixiel within the Group (initially set for 2021). The transactions completed, Delta Drone now wholly owns its subsidiary located in Nantes (44) and Pixiel’s two founders and managers became Delta Drone shareholders, alongside management.

2018 financial year: first goals of the 2018-2019 plan have been met • 82% growth in revenue, exceeding €10M • Marked increase in added value, which is now positive at €3.2M • €2.7M decrease in year-on-year expenses • End of OCABSA agreements Goal is for the Group’s revenue to exceed €20M in 2019

Note: the accounts have been prepared in accordance with French standards, in compliance with the rules and methods applicable to consolidated accounts, as confirmed by order of 22 June 1999 approving the French accounting regulation committee’s regulation 99-02.

Strengthening of ISS & Security division Two acquisitions underway: • Affiliation with Drone Protect System (DPS) • Takeover of the ATM Group Group’s target 2019 revenue set to exceed €20M

The Delta Drone Group’s strategy is based on integrating drones into targeted activity sectors. Instead of trying to impose the use of drones and related technologies in a disruptive way, the Group focuses on a progressive approach that is respectful of the time necessary for the adoption of new uses and presents drones as a […]

Allocation of free stock warrants (BSA) to all shareholders

Delta Drone’s Board of Directors met on 1 February 2019 to set the specific terms for the allocation of free stock warrants (BSA) (ISIN: FR0013400983) in accordance with its final commitments under the last OCABSA agreement and the delegation of authority approved by the extraordinary general meeting of 13 December 2018 (resolution no. 4).

Final issue of bonds convertible into shares with attached warrants (OCABSA) Subscription for 300 bonds convertible into ordinary new shares (with a face value of €10,000 each) with attached warrants pursuant to the OCABSA agreement entered into in October 2016. The Board of Directors approves the allocation of free stock warrants to all shareholders.

Delta Drone announces that, on 1 February 2019, YA II CD Ltd exercised three hundred (300) warrants (“BEOCABSA”) for the issuance of bonds convertible into shares (“OCA”) with attached warrants (“BSA”) (the OCA and BSA together are the “OCABSA”), resulting in YA II CD Ltd subscribing, on 1 February 2019, for three hundred (300) OCABSA, corresponding to the issue of 300 OCA with a face value of 10 000 euros each, representing a bond issue with a face value of 3,000,000 euros with 22 058 823 BSA having an exercise price of 0.136 euros.

Delta Drone ISS & Saint Georges Management create a joint offer for the security sector

Spurred by the success of the assignments carried out on 11 November 2018 for the Paris Peace Forum, Delta Drone ISS and Saint-Georges Management have decided to create a joint offer combining private security and public safety, on the one hand, and traditional methods with new technologies (surveillance drones), on the other hand.