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General Shareholders’ Meeting approves the accounts for the 2018 financial year

A general shareholders’ meeting was held today, 24 June, at the registered office in Dardilly (69), on second notice. The number of shareholders present, represented or having voted by mail corresponded to approximately 17% of the capital. It should be noted that several shareholders were physically present and asked questions, which enriched discussions.

All resolutions falling under the scope of an ordinary meeting were approved unanimously.

During this meeting, Christian Viguié, Chairman and CEO of Delta Drone, recalled the key events of the past financial year and the company’s increased development based on a business model focused on services and the steady “dronification” of industries, on an international scale.

As for upcoming communications, it was specified that figures for the activity during the first half of 2019 would be released in July. The detailed accounts for the first half of the year will, however, be released in October, for which a SFAF meeting has already been scheduled.

The Board of Directors noted the lack of quorum for the resolutions submitted under the scope of an extraordinary meeting and decided not to call another shareholders’ meeting.

In response to a shareholder’s question concerning the main parameters underlying and justifying the recently announced 2020 – 2021 plan that aim for revenue of €30M, a positive operating margin of 10% and for 30% of the revenue to be generated outside France, Christian Viguié said:

“In the field of security, major events, which are always highly publicized, in which we have participated in the last year require special measures. Once again, after the Ferté-Alais Air Show, the Bol d’Or race, the Ryder Cup and the Paris Peace Forum, Delta Drone was involved in the 2019 Ferté-Alais Air Show alongside major forces, both private and public, which were brought together to ensure a successful event.

We would not presume to proclaim ourselves the “French, European or worldwide leader” in civilian drones for security purposes, but the facts speak for themselves as we are currently one of the very few companies that has performed actual services in real-life situations. These successive assignments have given us incomparable experience that is starting to be recognized, including at the international level.

Thanks to the recent integration of DPS (Drone Protect Systems) within the group, Delta Drone is progressively ensuring that it has a complete and cohesive offer of security services for both events and so-called ongoing security.

DPS’s automatic drone solution is already being marketed, with the first deliveries scheduled for early 2020. However, as there is currently no such system operational anywhere in the world, it should be noted that said deliveries are subject to obtaining the necessary authorizations from the relevant administrations, in particular the DGAC in France.

In any event, the rollout of this new offer of services will include the training of a new generation of security officers, certifying them to operate drone systems. This training is already the subject of a course offering by Ergasia Campus, a training subsidiary created in partnership with the Mare Nostrum Group.

As part of the strategic framework for the “dronification” of an industry, it will naturally and in particular address the existing clients of Aer’Ness Security and ATM Group, which currently constitute the Delta Drone Group’s private-security line of business.

Outside France, the highly accelerated development of our subsidiary Rocketmine, particularly in the mining industry in South Africa and several other countries, represents a strong foundation for future growth, including in new industries.”

The shareholders present also requested further information as to future financing for the Group. Christian Viguié responded as follows:

“As we stated at the beginning of the year, the successive phases of financing via OCABSA have come to an end. Once the last 180 existing OCA have been converted, we will no longer have access to this type of financing. Currently, the Group’s net cash position is at €1.4M, which gives us time to prepare for the future and start talking with various potential partners about financing options, mainly to finance growth investments. We are considering financing such as convertible bonds and have already entered into discussions that seem very likely to bear fruit. Also, we must not forget the BSA J and Y, which represent very significant potential additional financing and will allow our current shareholders to be fully implicated in the development plan’s success.”

About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is a renowned international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It offers a complete service, from data acquisition to data processing through a specifically developed information system, including a supply of professional pilots. 

Delta Drone is listed on Euronext Growth Paris – ISIN code: FR0011522168

Are also listed on Euronext Growth Paris:

  • 4 166 666 BSA – ISIN code: FR001329977 
  • 68 617 005 BSA J – ISIN code: FR0013400983
  • 33 538 568 BSA Y – ISIN code: FR 0013400991


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