Deltadrone Group

The Delta Drone Group is an integrator of civilian drone services for professional use, targeting customers based on their fields of expertise. The Group’s industry expertise encompasses internal resources (industrial inspection, subsidiaries (MTSI for the mines & quarries, topographic surveying, and civil engineering sectors, Hydrogeosphere for the hydrology sector), investments (Zooomez for virtual site visits), and partnerships (Airbus DS, Arvalis, and Terra Innovia for precision farming).

Delta Drone solutions are part of a comprehensive value proposition, with each step tracked using an exclusive and secure cloud computing system that is available 24/7 to the Group’s customers. There are two subsidiaries offering supplementary services: DSL – Drone Safety & Legal handles all legal and regulatory matters and EFD – Ecole Française du Drone provides general and specialized training to remote drone pilots.
Beyond France, the Group has operations in Italy, Morocco, South Africa, and the United States.