Executive committee

The executive committee comprises seven people:

A graduate of IEP Paris, Christian Viguié worked as a financial analyst before forming multiple financial reporting companies. He also served as CEO of the Unilog Group from 1998 to 2006, where he was responsible for relationships with the financial community.
A member of the French Society of Financial Analysts, Christian Viguié serves as a professor at the Financial Analysis Training Center.

A high-ranking rugby player in his youth (international junior and military, center three-quarter for Biarritz Olympique), Serge Mourguiart naturally focused his studies in the world of sports, to become a professor of sports and physical education. After teaching for two years at the middle school level, Serge Mourguiart directed his career toward corporate sales. He worked as a salesperson, regional manager, and Regional Director for Livre de Paris (Hachette Group) and then went on to become a trainer-consultant for Bernard Julhiet Formation. After this initial experience, he served as Sales Director of Sud-Ouest Group for 20 years.

After completing preparatory classes in science at the Grandes Ecoles (specializing in mathematics), Christophe joined the French Navy as a Naval Aviation Pilot. During this period, he conducted numerous military air operations. Christophe then resumed his studies and earned a double Master's in Air Transport Management from ESC Toulouse and ENAC. This diverse education helped him flourish within a subsidiary of Airbus Group (EADS APSYS), first as Air Transport Engineer and then as Head of Marketing.

After early experience abroad in human resource management and recruitment for the MERIEUX Foundation in Lyon, Sandra joined the Marketing department at ADECCO Group. She went on to become Marketing Manager in Nantes within the AIRBUS Group, as part of a business diversification project team for Aerospace Development.
She then worked for a management training firm for three years and then resumed her studies at Université Lyon 1, where she earned a degree in Management and Human Resource Management. Meanwhile, she is responsible for developing a new training program for a French Purchasing Center (PME Centrale). After her audit and consulting work, ten national framework agreements could be signed.
Sandra eventually joined Delta Drone in February 2014 as EFD Training Manager and then as Group HR Manager in 2015.

Nicolas has an Advanced Degree in Accounting and Management and boasts 20 years of experience within accounting and audit firms. After working within several national and international firms, he became audit manager within a firm of about 60 people in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

He joined the DELTA DRONE group in September 2017 as Group Administrative and Finance Director.”

A geologist by training (having graduated from the ENSG – Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie in Nancy), Xavier started his career in industrial minerals (Denain-Anzin Minéraux and Mineral Harwanne Group). He co-founded multiple geoservices companies, including Hydrogeosphere (2001), Geoimpact (2006), and Mining Topographique Survey and Imaging (2009).
In 2014, Hydrogeosphere and MTSI joined the Delta Drone group. Xavier was then appointed Managing Director of MTSI.

After earning a Master of Economics and a DESS/MBA in International Industrial and Commercial Strategies from the University of Aix-en-Provence U2, Vincent began his career by developing distribution networks for Indonesian industrial groups in Europe. With a history steeped in competition, which brought him to French kayaking championships, Vincent joined the world of sports and textiles within various groups, such as Amer Sport, Billabong/GSM, Oxbow, and Levi’s, where he served as product manager and then worked in marketing, sales, and exports.
Vincent joined the Delta Drone group in April 2013 to create and develop the Delta Drone network. He then moved into the role of business development project manager and ultimately took on the coordination of the group’s sales and export subsidiaries.”