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Technology to analyse the agricultural environment

The agriculture and environment sectors, constantly evolving, integrate all technological and digital advances to meet the environmental, social and economic challenges of tomorrow.

In this context, Delta Drone assists in this development by integrating sectoral, environmental data and images from different sensors. Thanks to its responsiveness and speed of implementation, the drone is a suitable tool for analysing the agricultural environment through the following themes:


Drone inspection in precision farming aims to provide information on the state of crop development to improve the management of procedures :

  • The drone gathers information to evaluate a potential yield of a production area
    • Topography: knowledge of the topography of the environment to adapt and size production facilities
    • Cartography: knowledge of the land of the production area and its environment.
    • Disaster Area Assessment: following of a disaster, data can be collected and valued to assess the magnitude and impact of the disaster.

Drones can track plant growth

  • Coverage rate: the coverage rate analysis ensures the quality of sowing and the correct distribution of crops in the production area.
  • Identification of stressed areas: The identification of stressed areas makes it possible to make a decision at the best time to improve agricultural production and company margins. 
  • Allotment of a homogeneous development zone: homogeneous development zone characterisation makes it possible to rationalise farming operations.

Agronomic experiments monitored by drone provides information on the development states of the trials in order to characterise varieties by parameters according to the growth environment by statistical analysis.

  • Plant height
  • Coverage rate: distinction of soil zones in plant areas
  • Growth vigour analysis for each micro-plot 

FOCUS on technology

Experimentation with drone spraying

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Spraying by drone makes it possible to find an answer to environmental issues and personnel safety. Drone spraying makes it possible to put the right product, with the right dose in the right place while allowing the operator to stay at a suitable distance from the product being spread.

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