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Show-stopping drone technology

An autonomous technological solution of fleet drones able to create aerial scenes and animate sets.

Initially developed for the Puy du Fou amusement park and especially for the night show, our drone solution is featured in the Cinéscénie , in front of 14,000 spectators who attended the 3 synchronised aerial choreographies.

Drones offer new ways to present a site, by providing a complete overview of a location whilst retaining the ability to zoom into specific areas. The incorporation of multimedia solutions, texts, voice-overs, offer new ways to discover a site.

This synchronised-fleet flight technology is, to date, the only one that has obtained specific authorisation from the DGAC to fly at night near an audience.

A view of the sky

Drones offer a new way of planning your shots, an segment full of aerial images offering new perspectives.

Delta Drone offers a new creative dimension with aerial shots of sites, exceptional panoramas, as photos or videos, to showcase a business, a heritage or tourist site, or to capture an event in “wide angle”.

Drone shoot applications

  • Locates and presents a business
  • Promotes the environment of a tourist or a heritage site
  • Offers a memorable point of view of an event
  • Evokes emotions, dreams, makes landscapes transcendent

A 360° virtual tour

This is the combination of a 360° panoramic spherical “sky view” and ground images, with virtual paths inserted to navigate the location as if you were there.

The creation of these virtual tours, from panoramic photographs to 360°, aims to restore the visual completeness of a location. They offer the visitor an immersive and fun experience of discovery.

Virtual tours provide complete information: you can insert photos, videos, sounds, music, texts, links, etc. They offer a lively, high quality, fully customisable visual experience. This innovative solution can showcase the most beautiful tourist sights.

Focus on technology


Drone ATMOS®

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