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Hydrology, as an Earth Science, involves all exchanges between the atmosphere, the earth’s surface and its subsoil.

Hydrogeosphere specifically addresses the “surface hydrology” branch through the acquisition of input data for hydraulic, environmental and regulatory studies in several fields

  • Fluvial hydromorphology: characterisation of sediment transport, study of the restoration of ecological continuity…
  • Hydrometry with the acquisition of in-situ measurements due to autonomous or operator-controlled sensors
  • Hydrography: study and description of water courses, surface lakes through bathymetry.
  • Hydrogeology: study of underground hydraulics


With more than 15 years of experience in the field of aquatic environments, Hydrogeosphere masters the complete chain of physical data acquisition and processing.

A rigorous field approach prepared to provide reliable and accurate solutions.

  • Studies and expertise
  • Flow measurement for watercourses, canals or pipelines intending to acquire the input data for hydraulic modelling
    • Reserved flow control
  • Hydrometry: Telegraphic instrumentation of watercourses
    • Limnimetric station
    • Physico-chemical monitoring
    • Sediment monitoring
  • Topography of watercourses:
    • Physico-chemical monitoring
    • Sediment monitoring
  • Sampling the aquatic environment to understand the functioning of the watercourse:
    • Sediment sampling and characterisation: granulometry
  • Regulatory file:
    • Water Act file
    • Natura 2000 impacts
    • Environmental impact studies
    • Recommendations for minimum biological flow
  • Advice and support
  • Environmental monitoring of rivers to reduce anthropogenic impacts on the natural environment
    • Monitoring water quality during works or drainage



Composed of engineers, technicians, topographers, hydrographers, our teams have all the skills required to meet the customer’s needs and are continually trained in new technologies.


Located in France (Aude 11), our teams are experienced in interventions based on hydrological conditions, and are able to respond within 48 hours. Safety is at the heart of our concerns and we have been certified MASE since 2018.


Interventions in any environment: aquatic, underground, in mountain areas etc.

Certification Mase Hydrogeosphere

Some projects

  • Topographic surveys
  • Flow measurements
  • Morphodynamic protocols: CARHYCE, EVHA
  • Installation, calibration and monitoring of gauging station
  • Hydrogeological tracing


– Hydrogéosphère

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