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Industrial inspection by drone

Optimise physical, thermal or structural inspections safely.

Delta Drone combines drone technology and the expertise of its seasoned remote-pilots with the inspection processes of industrial sites, engineering structures, electrical pylons and telephone antennas, to inspect sensitive structures.

The drone allows for inspection of structures of all types and all sizes by approaching closer, and it does this at the highest level of safety for assets and people.

The professional drone makes it possible to carry out high-definition technical inspections of hard-to-reach and / or hazardous areas whilst ensuring that level of technical and data quality.

The technological evolution of drones makes it possible in the short term to envisage new fields of application for industrial inspection.


• Inspection of cellular antennas: visual surveys, detection of corrosion and points of weakness, inventory of parts, geo-referencing of antennas and insertion of views in a ground plane, 3D multi-resolution planispherical view

•  Inspection of electricity tower pylons: tower structure, spacers, fastener & insulator inspection, visual surveys, corrosion and fragility detection, parts inventory.

• Inspection of retaining walls, monitoring of building sites, inspection of the Normandy bridge, purification plants, water towers

• Inspection of industrial chimneys: visual surveys, detection of points of weakness, detection of leaks via electro-optical and infrared observation, etc.


Discover in real time any faults or damage to structures.

  • Access inspection points that can be difficult to access safely, with the reassurance that the safety of assets and people is upheld,
  • A significant servicing saving that reduces the equipment downtime,
  • Accurate data and images with specific sensors and high-definition cameras
  • Archival of data to compare from inspection to inspection
  • Finally, according to testimonials from our customers, repeated inspections made “easy” thanks to the drones. Quick decisions are the result.


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