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A global approach for mining operations conducted on a worldwide level by our brand Rocketmine

Explore potential mineral deposits remotely, track your equipment in real-time and even build a monthly inventory report, while protecting your team from unsafe working conditions.

Our technology provides a precision index of up to 30mm and allows our customers to make informed and effective decisions. The quality and reliability of our data guarantees accurate reports approved by our processing experts.

Fields of application

  • Mapping steep and inaccessible slopes with limited risk
  • Compiling optimised designs
  • Overseeing security risks and gathering evidence of any incidents
  • Managing pits and inventory changes from a remote location
  • Monitoring the stability of the surface safely
  • Creating location and inventory plans
  • Supervising and controlling on-site activity and tracking progress

What is the principle of the RocketMine offer?

A pilot is made available for 3, 4 or 5 days a week depending on the needs of the mine, performs drone flights every day and processes the data to deliver a point cloud to site surveyors. The data can be used “precisely and immediately”.


Aerial and orthomosaic photographs/stock volumes/mapping of rehabilitation areas

Management of pits and landfills/Establishment of infrastructure mapping/thermal mapping.



Remote measurement technology for 3D mapping a site’s surface with an accuracy of a few centimetres, excluding vegetation cover.

DDCIS data processing platform

A cloud computing system for the real-time, complete tracking and archiving of all project parameters (regulatory documentation, system and pilot availability, flight plans, project duration, pilot identities, etc.).


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