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Expertise of topographic data by drone

DELTA DRONE has acquired significant experience in topographic surveying, as georeferenced by civil drone for professional use, applied to quarries, environmental sectors and more broadly Public Works.

Our missions are conducted by professional UAV pilots certified by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC) of France, by means of a high-performance technology integrating georeferencing solutions, for surveys in high resolution and at high precision. Aerial imagery provides 2D or 3D responses to your projects in quarry operations optimisation, inventory management, and environmental changes.

Delta Drone has complete control over the whole value chain of drone surveys: from civil aviation regulations to data processing, through to data interpretation by surveyors as offered in the report delivered.


  • Topography of extraction sites.
  • Site audit performed by HD ortho-photography, generating a Digital Terrain Model in HD (with contour lines). All engineering services in the operations plan are guaranteed.
  • Regulatory plan.
  • Material balances & instantaneous valuation (Smart Data): monthly, bi-annual and annual, raw ore, stock fleets and/or
    transfer, hangars, reserve calculations, phasing and plan publishing etc.
  • Debris control: road and rail earthworks, stripping or mining etc.
  • Safety audit: calculation of safety slope heights, calculation of the width of the passing roads & detection of slopes at risk etc.
  • Topographic surveys and mapping by LIDAR (optional)



With a drone, it is possible to access dangerous, narrow areas without compromising the safety of the operators and without interference with the operation.

Fast and economic

Drones offer a quick implementation time, significantly reducing the cost of survey operations.

Reliable and accurate data

High measurement quality thanks to georeferencing with RTK/PPK/Target technologies and a high density of points with a high level of detail.

Data traceability and deliverables

DDCIS is a cloud computing system that allows for the real-time, complete tracking and archiving of all project parameters (regulatory documentation, system and pilot availability, flight plans, project duration, pilot identities, etc.). This platform is accessible 24/7 online.


As a default we deliver digital reports in pdf format. By simple request we provide the complete files for direct access by processing platforms.

Complete files delivered to our customers:

  • 3D mesh (OBJ, OSGB, Collada, XML LOD tree)
  • Orthophoto (TIFF/GeoTIFF, JPG)
  • Dense Point Clouds (LAS)

Our export formats are compatible with SIG, 3D SIG tools, and some of the best used CAD and 3D software: AutoCAD, COVADIS, Autodesk, MeshLab, ESRI, CityPlanner Agency9, Photoshop, GEOMENSURA

*Georeferencing supports over 4000 reference systems and can be customised at the customer’s request.

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