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Surveillance drone

Strengthen your safety and security expertise.

As part of a prevention, protection and deterrence framework, drones provide support for safety and rescue teams to assess a situation and decide on immediate actions to take.

In situations of industrial site surveillance, surveillance of public places and event security, aerial surveillance by drone enhances the safety and security of people and goods.

Throughout the service, drone surveillance is supervised by our experts, ex-gendarme and special forces who intervene on consultation with the police forces present.

Fields of application


The deployment of a drone for the surveillance of industrial infrastructure reduces human risk and optimises servicing times.

  • Combats intrusions and theft,
  • Raise alarms and identifies threats,
  • Supervises the progress of ground surveillance operations and guides servicing,
  • Detects potential industrial incidents (leaks, smoke…) and alerts.


The drone is a technology solution that provides additional analytical information for the safety and security of public places.

  • Controlling visitor inflows and outflows, and road traffic,
  • Observing customer routes and the crowd movements,
  • Detecting incidents, anticipating potential dangers,
  • Monitoring suspicious behaviour, identifying,
  • Performing dissuasive reconnaissance missions and providing information.


Drones assist in the need to support rescue and emergency service operations (firefighters, rescuers, etc.) with an aerial view of disasters, forest fires and areas of natural disasters.

The versatility of the drone allows for several sensors and cameras to be attached depending on the task, to evaluate areas that are difficult to access or at risk for quick decision-making.

  • Establishes a detailed situation report,
  • Establishes a human overview,
  • Inspects and monitors risk areas,
  • Performs rescue operations.

Technology :

We employ professional static and mobile-autonomous surveillance UAV technology in harsh and demanding climatic conditions (IP Rating 43/Wind up to 50 km/h), equipped with gyrostabilised optical sensors, covering a wide range of applications: Full HD, thermal, night vision, allowing detection over several kilometres.

An integrated artificial intelligence adds, in addition, surveillance self-managed by the technology.

Focus on technology


Mobile surveillance drone ISS SPOTTER® 

The ISS SPOTTER® solution is a completely autonomous drone.

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Tethered surveillance drone

A unique position to assess risks.

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