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Launch of the new SafeSprayBot solution for indoor decontamination

Delta Drone has continued its intense R&D work to provide innovative, concrete solutions and contribute effectively to the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic with systems using durable drones that can be implemented in crisis situations or for preventative measures in ways that are safe and secure for both people and property.

This R&D work is based on the technologies already sold by Delta Drone and developed jointly by Delta Drone and GEODIS as professional solutions. Thus, the new solution, SafeSprayBOT, which should be available soon, is designed to decontaminate and disinfect any and all indoor spaces such as warehouses, factories, industrial complexes, as well as offices and stores. SafeSprayBot combines the technology that was already developed for warehouse inventory with the know-how of the Swiss company Aero41 in high-precision spraying.

The system is made up of, first, an intelligent rolling robot with a complete site map and all possible paths loaded in its memory. The robot is then able to follow its trajectories completely autonomously, without human intervention, and its battery lasts several hours.

Second, the robot has a frame that also includes, in addition to the IT equipment necessary for overall management, steering and monitoring of the system (HMI – Human-Machine Interface), an articulated mast with a reach that can be adjusted for the site in question and a number of high-precision spray nozzles that implement Aero41’s technology, thus ensuring the regulated and multi-directional spraying of the decontaminating and disinfecting products. The frame also holds a reserve of several liters to feed the nozzles.

Finally, the key element that is indispensable to ensure the mast’s performance as it moves is a drone that stabilizes the mast and is therefore responsible for its precision.

The original design for the system allows it to act autonomously in enclosed spaces of varying heights without risk to the building’s structural elements (girders, traveling cranes, walkways, lighting fixtures, etc.), therefore ensuring maximum safety for people and property.

The SafeSprayBot solution is designed to be easily put to use: operators (a person to supervise the system when in operation) are trained in a few days and the site mapping is done once and for all by a specialized Delta Drone team. This is all that is needed to install the equipment and be able to run it as often as necessary.

The business development plan includes the intervention of Delta Drone’s sales teams in France and in all the areas on the African continent covered by the Group’s regional subsidiaries (Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa). For the European markets, it also involves the very active support of the network (Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Russia) provided by Ott Ventures, the new reference shareholder.

Christian Viguié, Delta Drone’s Chairman and CEO, said, “The SafeSprayBot solution is the perfect complement to our existing line of professional solutions (ISS Spotter, CountBot, Atmos and Rocketmine). It obviously meets an essential need during this health crisis, but also a more ongoing need, outside times of crisis, to improve air quality in many spaces open to the public or for employees. The Group’s development of this fifth professional solution showcases the relevance of its strategic decisions, based on a reorganization into two divisions, i.e., professional solutions and related services. It also confirms the technological choices of the design department, which has focused on developing systems that can be combined to create new applications.”

About Delta Drone: The Delta Drone Group is an international player in the field of civilian drones for professional use. It provides a range of professional solutions specifically designed for targeted sectors, as well as a complete selection of related services.

Delta Drone is listed on Euronext Growth Paris – ISIN code: FR0011522168

Also listed on Euronext Growth 33 443 695 BSA Y – ISIN code: FR 0013400991


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