A global offer combining private security services and technological systems

The prevention of malicious acts, as well as the protection of goods and people, relies on the integration of increasingly sophisticated and connected surveillance. systems.

By proposing a global approach of security, combining private security services by agents and solutions integrating professional drones, Delta Drone enables the world of security to take a technological step forward.

The integration of ATM Group Sécurité, with its 25 years of experience, into the Delta Drone group is a response to the different surveillance needs of customers, whether institutional or private*.

Far from replacing humans, ISS SPOTTER® solutions – available in automatic drone, tethered drone and the video surveillance trailer – offer a unparallel vision that complements traditional security and safety means.

They are a decisive asset for decision making and allow security officers to be more efficient in their missions.


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Outdoor event surveillance by security officers and drone, at the heart of ATM Group Securité’s offer

Managing the flow of people, access controls, parking areas and preventing crowd overflow… these are all critical points when monitoring large-scale outdoor events.

The safety of the public and the smooth running of these events depends on the deployment of security officers but also on the good coordination of all the means mobilised for safety and security (police, fire brigade…).

These issues can be significantly improved by the systematic use of technology such as the ISS SPOTTER® Tethered solution. Offering a panoramic aerial view, this continuous drone surveillance system transmits real-time information to security teams.

Proposed within ATM Group Securité* services for the security of planned events

  • such as open-air festivals, sports events, open-air fairs, etc.
  • it is now an essential part of an event security management plan, improving both incident prevention and decision-making.

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* Authorisation to practice: AUT-038-2113-05-05-20140383202
Art L612-14 (art.8 of law 83-629 of 12/07/1983: The authorisation to practice does not confer any prerogative of public power on the company or the persons who benefit from it.