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The delta drone value chain ensures mastery of the entire process of professional operations by drones

A technological and software engineering expertise office dedicated to drone solutions.

Delta Drone’s ambition is to accelerate its innovation dynamic towards developing professional solutions based on reliable and secure technologies.

The group now has two sites for technical expertise and R&D: Pixiel in Nantes, France and ParaZero in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Armed with the successful experience in designing and developing the ATMOS and ISS Spotter solutions, PIXIEL is now the Group’s expertise and Research and Development center.

The PIXIEL engineering office comprises a team of highly skilled engineers, mastering mechanics, mechatronics, onboard electronics and the associated software developments.

In Israel, the Group relies on the expertise of ParaZero, whose design office has developed a complete line of drone safety solutions that were the first systems approved the Federal Aviation Administration-FAA in the United States. PARAZERO IL is first and foremost a high-tech Israeli company that is central to worldwide aeronautic and electronic innovation, a considerable asset.

Regulatory service for drone operators

The development of civilian drones has evolved rapidly. In 2012 in France, the DGAC set up a regulatory framework to ensure the safe operation of these devices in professional use cases. This framework is updated regularly to take into account feedback and new uses.

The expertise of the Drone Safety & Legal (DSL) branch combines all the rules enacted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) with the strictest principles in terms of the safety of people and goods.

Acquisition of data by licensed pilots

All remote pilots are approved by local authorities of Civil Aviation through obtaining an aeronautical theory diploma. They are trained in manual and automatic piloting practices of civil vehicles for professional use. Their qualification includes continuous skill assessments during their assignments as well as specialised sessions by profession and expertise.

In France, each remote pilot has a proficiency statement issued by Delta Drone.

Training centers

Techni Drone is the leader in France for training to become a professional pilot of civil drones.

Techni Drone’s trainees are prepared for a new occupation. Our training is complete (theoretical + practical drone training) and resulting from an aeronautical course to bring a level of superior quality. Find more out

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Private security missions and services

Deltadrone Prestations Securitee Privee

A subgroup, ATM GROUP offers security solutions with officers via two main brands: ATM GROUP SECURITE and AE’RNESS SECURITY.

They focus essentially on two areas:

  • protection of people and property
  • fire protection

Services for prevention and security are provided for all sectors including industry, logistics, distribution, service industries and events.

Part of the dronification strategy of the security sector, these services combine traditional means with new technological tools.

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