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When characterising water-body beds, lakes and/or rivers, the acquisition of bathymetric data is an entryway for many studies: dredging, determination of water depths, cartography…

Bathymetry, via the creation of a digital terrain model, offers answers to many problems

  • Morphological studies of beds
    • Sediment transit
    • Volume
  • Inspection and surveying of water structures
  • Environmental monitoring
    • Applied to the surveillance of property and people through a morphological monitoring of banks, erosion
    • Studies for flood risk prevention (FRP)
    • High or low-water channel profile

Bathymetry calls upon different technologies, depending on the sites’ configuration (depth to bedrock, sediment layer) and the client’s needs.

  • Single beam mono-frequency sounder, over small survey areas, with shallow depths. Kayak-friendly system for rapid deployment, and adaptable to many launching configurations
  • Single beam mono-frequency sounder, over larger survey areas, but also to reach the substrate.
  • Multi-frequency sounder for larger depths and larger areas. Technology that can be coupled with high resolution imaging and/or sonar.

Optimising bathymetric surveys safely

When working in environments that are difficult to access, of restricted dimensions or dangerous for humans, the bathymetric drone is the ideal solution.

A new approach for simple and fast deployment

Drone technology allows for live viewing of hydrographic data, while guaranteeing a repeatability of projects to monitor the evolution of the terrain such as siltation or bed modification.

The drone, a versatile tool for hydrography

Drones can work on all types of hydrographic surveys thanks to the great diversity of sensors that it can embed: mono-frequency bathymetric sounder, dual frequency, multibeam, multiparameter probes…


  • Absence of people on the water: safety
  • Quick launching and from any type of bank
  • high manoeuvrability
  • Automation of operations


  • Digital Terrain Model, isobaths
  • Profiles
  • Bathymetric differential, erosion/filling…
  • Calculations of volumes, changes to sediment stocks
  • Study of the volume of water remaining
  • Morphodynamic study
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