Mines and Quarries

  • Topographic survey of extraction sites.
  • Site audit performed by HD ortho-photography, generating an HD Digital Terrain Model (with contour lines). All operations-level engineering services are guaranteed.
  • Regulatory plan.
  • Material assessments and instant assessment (Smart Data): monthly, semiannual, and annual, raw ore, storage farms and/or transfer sites, hangars, reserve calculations, verification of phasing, plan publishing, etc.
  • Excavation assessments: road and railway works, stripping, mining, etc.
  • Safety Audit: slope safety height calculations, traffic width calculations, detection of risky slopes, etc.
  • Topographic surveys and mapping with LIDAR


  • LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging) is a remote measuring technology involving the analysis of a light beam returned to its source, making it possible to calculate a scatterplot for the 3D mapping of a site’s surface accurate to a few centimeters, regardless of vegetation cover.
  • There are many applications in topography, including for large areas: rockfalls, landslides, roadways, trails, ski slopes, etc., watershed analysis, penstocks, height measurements (canopy, snow, etc.), vegetation cover assessments, and city planning.

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