Delta Drone Tuks Women

Tucks Women Deltadrone

Delta Drone has been sponsoring the Tuks Women team since 2015.

The Tuks Women are the women’s sevens rugby team at the University of Pretoria. All high level players, while pursuing higher education, they have participated for many years in many international tournaments of sevens rugby around the world.

At Pretoria University in South Africa, all sports teams, whether masculine or feminine, are labelled « Tuks ». In south Africa, plenty of athletes were “Tuks” before becoming high performance athletes.

“ Tuks “ label is linked to the past: historically, until 1930, Pretoria University was affiliated to Transvaal University College (Transvaalse Universititeitskollege which the acronym is TUK in Afrikann) created in 1908.

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