The 3D representation of the sites from aerial photographic acquisitions.

Cartography is a complex discipline that enables to monitor and analyze the evolution of terrains from the creation of transformative maps.

Topography is the science that allows the measurement and representation on a map of the shapes and details visible on the ground, whether natural (including relief and hydrography) or artificial (such as buildings, roads, etc.). Its purpose is to determine the position and altitude of any point in any given area, whether it be the size of a continent, a country, or a field.

Our acquisition systems provide pictures taken by drone at a regular distance and at low altitude (50 to 150m).

These images are then processed following a photogrammetric method. This method allows the generation of 3D models from 2D images. It also makes it possible to create high quality orthophotos (an assembly of photos representing the entire overflown surface), up to a resolution of a few centimeters per pixel.

The fields of application of photogrammetry:

  • Topography of extraction sites.
  • Regulatory plan for ICPE
  • Material balances & instant valuation (Smart Data): monthly, semi-annual and annual, raw ore, stock and / or transfer facilities, reserves calculation, phasing and plan editing etc.
  • Cuttings management: road and rail grading, stripping or mining etc.
  • Security Audit: height calculation of the safety slopes, width calculation of the traffic roads & detection of slopes at risk, etc.

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