Experimentation with drone spraying

As part of the examination of the law “for the balance of commercial relations in the agricultural and food sector and healthy and sustainable food”, the Committee on Economic Affairs of the National Assembly voted in an amendment in April 2018, authorising the testing of pesticide spraying by drone.

More specifically, “an experiment on the use of remotely piloted aircraft for the aerial spraying of plant protection products will be carried out on agricultural areas planted with vines and with a slope greater than or equal to 30%, for a maximum period of three years”.

AERO 41, a subsidiary of Delta Drone, is developing a drone that supports winemakers and farmers in their efforts to protect their crops.

The experimentations take place amongst the steep Swiss vineyards of the Vaud and Valais cantons, prime activity areas due to the complexity of the plots.

AERO 41 brings forward an eco-responsible vision to the agriculture sector.

Thanks to its drone solution and high accuracy micro-droplet spraying platform, AERO 41 delivers operational speed and flexibility contributing to the optimization of a biodynamic approach.

The aircraft is autonomous. It follows the flight plan programmed by the farmer, with deviations close to zero, to spray “the right products, at the right time and at the right spot”.

This process contributes to making the agriculture sector more eco-responsible.

Focus on technology

16 février 2019 – La société suisse Aero 41 a présenté aux délégués de la Caisse Assurance Accidents-Agricoles du Haut-Rhin son drone pulvérisateur capable de traiter les vignes en forte pente. Une solution innovante qui va être expérimentée pendant trois ans en France.

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