Two training centres at the cutting edge of professional skills

The historical leader in drone pilot training in France, Techni Drone became the Delta Drone group training school in 2017.

Specialised in the security industry for more than 20 years, AMF is the training centre of Delta Drone group security division and is approved by CNAPS organization (Conseil national des activités privées de sécurité).

Techni Drone, the training center dedicated to telepilots

Based on 10 years of activity and more than 3,000 trainees, Techni Drone offers courses for professional piloting of drones, as well as dedicated courses for the use of systems applied to specific sectors.

Techni Drone’s goal today is to train professionals in the security and logistics sectors with Delta Drone solutions: ISS SPOTTER® for drone surveillance missions and COUNTBOT® for automated inventories.

These sectors indeed see the growing use of increasingly automated technological systems, which require the acquisition of new skills.A guarantee of employability for the operators concerned, these exclusive Techni Drone training courses also ensure that operators can carry out high added value missions.

Techni Drone offers 4 main training courses:

Drone theory training

A 5-day training course to understand all aspects of French and European aeronautical rules as well as the specificities of UAVs in the airspace.

A course that prepares students for the theoretical exam to become a professional drone pilot.

Practical drone training

A complete course to master the piloting of professional UAVs and acquire the necessary technical skills in different conditions of use.

ISS SPOTTER® solutions training – Exclusive to Delta Drone

Specific training in remote control and monitoring of ISS SPOTTER® surveillance systems, tethered and automatic, in combination with safety and security teams.

COUNTBOT® solution training – Exclusive to Delta Drone

Dedicated training in the use of the COUNTBOT® robot for automated warehouse inventory.

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AMF, the training centre dedicated to private security professions


AMF offers a wide range of private security training courses, delivered by certified and experienced professional instructors:

  • S.S.T. (First Aid at Work) training
  • S.S.I.A.P. (Service de Sécurité́ Incendie et d’Assistance à Personnes) training – Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Specific training related to sensitive sites (nuclear site training, radiation protection accreditation, H0B0 electrical accreditation, etc.)

By proposing privileged links between its two training centres, Techni Drone and AMF, Delta Drone group offers a unique training program for security professionals, which meets the technological challenges of the sector.


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All training courses offered by the Delta Drone group are provided by Qualiopi certified organisations (Techni Drone and AMF).