Delta Drone’s values
are represented by “LEA”


Loyalty is the foundation of our shared desire to succeed in our business venture together. In all circumstances, one must remain loyal to themselves and to others. It is a moral contract based on mutual trust and fidelity to LEA.


Engagement” (which means commitment in french) is our strength to ally and combine our individual talents within a collective driven by a common ambition. It is our choice and our challenge to contribute continuously to the development of Delta Drone.


Audacity is the sense of creativity, initiative and risk taking in all of us, which must be expressed without constraint or fear of failure. « Fortune smiles on those who are daring » and our chance is to undertake this joint project together.

CSR approach

Through its CSR policy, Delta Drone is committed to various societal issues that represent the Group’s values.

This CSR approach is based on 3 axes:

  • Disability and integration of people with reduced mobility. This approach is illustrated in particular by the group’s contribution to the development of the
    start-up SnowSkut, which specialises in the design of ski equipment for people with reduced mobility.


  • Gender parity in all aspects of life, at work and in sport! This is why Delta Drone has chosen to sponsor the women’s rugby team Delta Drone Tuks Women, or Team LEA in the Rallye des Gazelles. Delta Drone thus asserts the capacity of women to take up sporting challenges in fields traditionally invested by men.


  • The promotion of equal opportunities regardless of racial or social origin. Indeed, Delta Drone supports the TUKS in South Africa, by sponsoring them to continue their studies at the prestigious University of Prétoria and to travel worldwide through their participation in international tournaments. The same objective was pursued by our “gazelles” colleagues in 2022 who supported the FME / JADARA Foundation in Morocco, whose President is none other than the Chairman of Delta Drone Africa – Mr Hamid Ben Elafdil.  This Foundation enables young deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds to obtain scholarships to pursue their studies.


Delta Drone Tuks Women

Delta Drone has sponsored the Tuks Women team since 2015.

The Tuks Women are the University of Pretoria‘s women’s rugby sevens team. Playing at a high level while pursuing higher education, they have been competing in numerous international rugby 7s tournaments around the world for several years. Several of them are regularly selected to play in the prestigious Springboks team!

The Tuks label is used by all men’s and women’s teams in all sports from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Many famous South African sportsmen and women have been “Tuks” before going becoming top sportsmen and women. The name “Tuks” is linked to the past: historically, until 1930, the University of Pretoria was affiliated to the Transvaal University College (TUK in Afrikaans), which was established in 1908.

Today, thanks to a strong partnership with the University of Pretoria, the latter has granted us the unique right to add the Delta Drone name to the famous TUKS name, so that since 2019, the women’s rugby 7s team is officially called “Delta Drone TUKS Women”, thus associating our image with the world of rugby throughout the world.


In France, the group supports and contributes to the development of the start-up SnowSkut, which specialises in the design, manufacture, and marketing of ski equipment for people with reduced mobility or disabilities.

This project is based on technologies that have already been perfected, which have enabled many people to discover the joys of skiing, particularly children and their accompanying parents; these experiences provide each time moments of great emotion, amazement and, in the end, happiness that was thought to be inaccessible.

Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc

Made up of two of the group’s employees, Team LEA was supported by numerous sponsors and represented Delta Drone in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc for the first time in 2022! This unmissable 100% women’s rally, committed to gender equality, consists of an off-road navigation race in 4×4 vehicles in the Moroccan desert.
By taking part in this sporting challenge, the Delta Drone crew is highlighting the ability of women to take up challenges in universes usually limited to men, while defending the values of the group: Loyalty, Commitment and Audacity, which they proudly bear through their team name (LEA is the acronym in french)!

As a real visibility operation for Delta Drone among Moroccan customers, this participation is also part of the group’s development in Morocco, Delta Drone Africa’s host country, and abroad.